Friday, 24 August 2012

I'm Guest Posting Today at My So Called Mommy Life

I’m guest posting today at My So Called Mommy Life. Do you remember that mid 90s TV show, My So Called Life? Well, My So Called Mommy Life is kind of like that. Except without the teen angst, without the flannel, and without the Jordan Catalano.  So okay, not really like My So Called Life at all, but I do kind of feel the need to rock out to the Cranberries when I read her adorable blog. 

On that note, please stop by My So Called Mommy Life to read my guest post about one of my favourite topics- traveling with a baby. And while you're there, please check out the rest of her blog (and let me know if you happen to see Tino).


  1. Will hop on over and check it out!

  2. If there was a "Like" button for posts, I would click it! :)

  3. P.S. What's the deal with expressed breast milk or formula? Does security give you hassle for those liquids when flying? Thanks for your uber knowledge in advance. I can't believe your baby is already a frequent flyer!

    1. To my knowledge the 100 ml limit (or whatever the number is) for liquids is waived for breastmilk and formula. I've flown Air Canada and West Jet and this has always been the case. I think it is up to their discretion what they consider to be a "reasonable" amount to bring on the flight, but I always bring soooooo much (just in case!) and I've never had a problem at all. You just have to make sure you declare it at security, just as you would any other liquids. This is how it's been flying within Canada. I have yet to travel outside of the country with my daughter, so I have no idea what the rules are with regard to that. Hope that helps. I tend to check the website of the airline I'm flying with ahead of time to read about their different regulations re: babies. For example, if you are not paying for a seat for the baby (which is not required under age 2), then West Jet does not allow you an extra free suitcase for the baby but Air Canada does.

  4. Awesome, thanks! We are going to fly West Jet in the Mom is coming with us and she's like "Let's pack and pay for a suitcase for baby - her clothes won't fill it, but the stuff we buy sure will!"


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