Thursday, 17 January 2013

10 Reasons To Love January

Poor January.  She’s got a tough act to follow.  December can be kind of a show-off of a month, strutting around in red sparkly clothes, with an eggnog in one hand and flashy gifts in the other.  Sure, I’ll admit it, December has a lot going for her- religious celebrations, sales, parties, advent calendars… 

But despite being December’s  quieter, plainer little sister with braces and glasses, January’s  got more going on than you might realize.

So, quit wallowing in your post-holiday I-Can’t-Believe-There’s-Still-Three-More-Months-Of-Snow misery, and start embracing January for the fine lady that she is.

And if you’re too tired from all your December festivities to see past January’s unfortunate-looking spectacles and orthodontic devices, I’ll help you out.

Here are ten reasons why you’ve got to show January some love:

1. You don’t have to brave the crowds just to go buy socks anymore.  Give us an encore, Handel, because  all I can say is, “Hallelujah”. 

2. You get to delight in the fact that even if you decided not to go boxing day shopping (smart thinking!), most of the sales are still around in January, (but you won’t need to wear a suit of armour to shop for them- see number 1). 

3. You get to make resolutions that you won’t keep. Say what you will about New Year’s Resolutions, but I feel better just thinking about all the cheese I’m not going to eat and all the sit-ups I’m going to do this year. Ahem. Excuse me while I wash the lies out of my mouth with soap.

4. You may be deep in the depths of winter blahs, but let’s not forget that the days are now getting longer. Every. Single. Day.  I’m getting a sun tan just thinking about it.

5. Snow is pretty. It is. Except when you’re outside and freezing your ass off…and when it turns grey from all the car shmutz, and when it turns yellow from all the dog piss, and when it hardens on to your vehicle that you’re desperately trying to uncover, and when you have to shovel it. But it is pretty.

6. In Australia, it’s summer. Which is awesome. If you live in Australia.

7. All the super-cute holiday stuff is now on Clearance, and if you’re really organized, you can score some awesome stuff for next year. Or if you’re me, you can buy it to decorate your home now , and hope nobody notices that it’s Christmas decoration. Tinsel’s pretty anytime, and it goes with everything. Like rice, or a good pair of black pumps. Right?

8. Sleigh bells may be ringing in my head for at least another month, but I don’t have to listen to them on the radio anymore.  Not that I dislike Christmas carols or anything, but there’s only so many times that I can hear about how Santa sees me when I’m sleeping and awake. Kind of creepy, no?

9. If you got some awesome gifts over the holidays, you’ll finally have time to enjoy them in January. And if you got some not-so awesome gifts, you can enjoy the presents you choose for yourself when you exchange that hideous wool sweater and matching slippers from Great Aunt Ethel. 

10. Just as the holiday-induced sugar high is wearing off, and you start to wonder where all the chocolate went, not to fear! Valentines day is next month. And even if you’re single, or if you just don’t celebrate it because you think it’s a stupid, consumerist, classist, first-world blah blah blah holiday, it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in delicious heart-shaped chocolates.  You know you want to.

December, it was lovely as always. Now, step aside, because it’s January now. And if I haven’t convinced you to love January, you’ll just have to wait it out. Because she’ll be here for another 14 days. 

Happy New Year!



PS. I actually wrote this post back in December, and if you really want to know, my January has been full of annoyances so far- stomach flu, lost cell phone, power outage, broken washing machine...So yeah, I'm not exactly feeling the love for January right now. Just saying.

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  1. The only thing I have against January is that it's over before you know it. Can it be possible that January is half over? Already? I'm just getting in the mood for Christmas!


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