Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Yes, I do have a blog.

I used to think that people who wrote blogs were self-obsessed exhibitionists who had nothing better to do than to ramble about the inane details of their lives in the hopes that someone out there might care. Well, now I’m one of those people. 

Or not.  I’ve come to realize that blogs are about so much more than a “Dear Diary” self-indulgence.  There is so much great information and creativity out there in the blogosphere, that it’s now hard to imagine a world without blogs.

Since I had a baby six months ago, I have started frequenting mom blogs.  At first, I would stumble upon them while doing a search for some kind of baby-related information (which I probably do about forty times per day), but now I find myself actually googling “mom blog” just for pure interest’s sake.

I spend so much time online lately reading what other people have to say about diapers, snot, drool, and other intellectual parenting matters, that I figured I should get in on the fun.

Hence, I present to you  Stroller Parking Only, a blog about babies, moms, baby gear, parenting, and all the random thoughts (believe me, there’s a lot of them) that cross my mind throughout the day.

So park your stroller here, and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I felt the same way. Just came across your blog on bloggymoms and I think it's great...Mommy guilt and all :)


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